Top 10 Brands To Shop For Your Work From Home Loungewear

It’s about time you came clean here. When you first received word from your company that you will be working from home, you were happy with the news, weren’t you? After all, you will get to enjoy flexible schedules, no more rush hour traffic, and goodbye to stiff coats, shirts, ties, and pants for the men and blouses, skirts, and heels (let’s not forget bras!) for the ladies. True, during those early weeks of WFH, you may have just grabbed whatever’s in your cabinet (and the laundry basket) and just put on a blazer to conceal the ratty garment you have underneath. Perhaps you were in the middle of a video conference and had to rush off to the toilet, only for your boss and colleagues to get a shocking eye-full of wrinkled shorts or, worse, nothing at all below your waist.

The freedom of clothing aside though, you may have noticed that you are gradually getting tired of the same T-shirts, shorts, and sweatpants you’ve been wearing. You may have even found yourself missing the office uniform and other official apparel you’ve worn in the past because it made you look professional and so darned good!

Well, now is the time to spruce up your wardrobe with clothes from the top loungewear brands in the world. Here are the Top 10 brands to shop for WFH loungewear for men and women.

As always, let’s start with the ladies!

Top 10 Loungewear Brands For Women

1) Brooklinen

It’s no surprise that one of the leading bedsheet brands is also a winner when it comes to loungewear. Available in minimalist designs and neutral colors, fashion experts have described Brooklinen loungewear to be “upgraded sweats”, sharing the same cozy comfort as their bedsheets.

2) Soma

Considered the most comfortable loungewear in the world today, Soma’s sweatpants come in cute colors with drawstring waistbands and elastic around the ankles. The material is lightweight, but it has the sweat-wicking ability of thicker sweatpants materials.

3) Skin

Skin by Saks Fifth Avenue is aptly named because their loungewear is so comfortable because it feels like a second skin on your body. In addition, the fashionable designs of their loungewear make them suitable for wearing both inside and outside the home.

4) Hanes 

Yes, Hanes ladies’ offerings on are actually sleepwear, but the designs are cute and chic so that you can wear them while WFH. The best part about Hanes loungewear is that they are affordable especially for ladies on a tight budget.

5) Commando 

Now, lest you start thinking about military attire for WFH home, in reality, Commando is a leggings brand on Aside from being described as “buttery soft”, Commando leggings have raw cut edges, so that you don’t have tight seams or bands that are digging into your skin.

6) Lululemon

No discussion on comfortable loungewear is complete without Lululemon. Considered to be one of the leading loungewear brands, Lululemon’s fitted leggings are also buttery soft in texture and feel like a second skin without the discomfort of compression around the legs.

7) Joah Love

If you are looking for something more exotic in design when it comes to your loungewear, you should look no further than Joah Love. With some tees, shorts, and pants made from faux cashmere, you can opt for gorgeous tie dye colors or animal prints or military camouflage.

8) Flygo

Flygo offers some of the cutest loungewear designs that you will love to wear while WFH or when going around the neighborhood. However, the main attraction is their sweatpants which is Sherpa-lined, guaranteeing warmth and comfort during cold days.

9) Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters boasts a collection of loungewear tops, ranging from the practical (like hoodies and sweatshirts) to the sexy (their crop top outfits). When it comes to sweats though, you can choose from a wide variety of colorful tie-dye sweatpants (and no two pieces are exactly the same).

10) Skims

Known as the shapewear line of Kim Kardashian, it is arguably one of a few loungewear brands that also caters to plus sized women. Best of all, because of the wide variety of garments available, you can select the best styles and designs that match your taste.

Now, let’s move on to the gents!

Top 10 Loungewear Brands For Men

1) Everlane

Everlane is a brand that needs no introduction, having been a fashion staple for menswear for years. While they are noted for their basic chinos and tees, Everlane has become popular for their Henleys, thermals, waffle-knit tops, and especially their coordinated sweatsuits.

2) Reiss

While Reiss is noted for their tailored three-piece suits, the brand has been making a buzz for their loungewear. Among their latest offerings are sweatshirt coordinates, soft jerseys in neutral colors, shirts, and oversized hoodies.

3) Derek Rose

Derek Rose has been a long time favorite for sophisticated men’s sleepwear, such as underwear, dressing gowns, and pajamas. Recently, they’ve added loungewear to their collection, which included Devon sweatsuits made from pre-washed loopback cotton and relaxed-fit lounge trousers.

4) Organic Basics

Organic Basics prides itself in its comfortable men’s wear, including loungewear. What is noteworthy about the brand are its efforts for sustainability, environmental protection, and their no forced or child labor policy.

5) Pangaia

Men who seek brighter colors in their clothes should take a peek at the offerings of Pangaia. The eco-conscious brand has been utilizing sustainable materials, such as eucalyptus pulp and seaweed pulp, in the creation of pastel-colored garments, including loungewear. Their offerings are also anti-bacterial because of the addition of peppermint oil treatments.

6) Uniqlo

Japanese brand Uniqlo has branched out overseas. Their loungewear are minimalist in design, but they are especially noted for their comfortable and cool feel, and especially their sweat-wicking properties.

7) Homebody

Homebody is one brand that, arguably, offers the most comfortable T-shirts made from their trademarked Modal-Sens fabric, which is silky soft as well as treated with 50+ UPF for added sun and extreme temperature protection. 

8) Les Girls Les Boys

Boasting of their “bed to street” apparel, Les Girls Les Boys offer pastel-hued tracksuits that are great for WFH and running around the neighborhood. To give their garments the right amount of stretch and softness, the materials they used are bespoke blends.

9) Hamilton and Hare

Noted for their Savile Row tailored suits, Hamilton and Hare has branched out to include loungewear in their collection. Make sure to check out their terry-towelling sweatshirts which you can match with comfortable slippers from Mulo.

10) Lululemon

If you thought Lululemon was just a ladies’ fashion brand, well you’re wrong. Lululemon is also a leading brand for men’s apparel. Among their more popular loungewear are their double-knit hoodies and French terry sweatpants.

Your loungewear need not consist of your old T-shirt and pajamas. Make a fashion statement at your next Zoom meeting with loungewear from these leading brands.

If you’re looking for other resources on working from home, be sure to check out our Complete Guide To Working From Home to get you started!

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