Top 20 Work From Home Gift Ideas

Work From Home (WFH) can be a lonely and tough time for people who have grown used to the busy work and social atmosphere in the workplace. Compounding these difficulties is the loss of the boundary between work and one’s personal life. 

If you have a friend or a loved one who is experiencing difficulties while working from home, you might consider giving them a WFH gift. These gifts will not only help them to work with greater productivity and focus. Most importantly, these gifts are clear reminders of how much you care for them and that they are not alone in their present struggles.

Thinking of giving your loved one a WFH gift? Here are the Top 20 Work From Home gift ideas that you might want to consider:

1) Planner

To help your loved one achieve their work life balance, the best gift that you can give them is a planner. This little notebook can help them to prioritize their WFH tasks and schedule future projects. It will also enable them to allot hours for personal times for themselves and with their family.

2) Desk organizer

If a planner enables your loved one to organize their day, a desk organizer helps to keep their work desks neat and tidy. Now, they won’t have to waste time searching for a pen or a paper clip. These handy caddies can keep those office supplies within easy reach. Make sure you add some scratch pads or Post-It Notes for those quick notes.

3) Coffee mug

No workplace is complete without a cuppa joe. With a coffee mug, your loved one can enjoy their favorite brew anytime. Consider adding a bag of their favorite coffee blend with the mug.

4) Coffee warmer 

There are times when work can get so busy that it’s impossible to head off to the kitchen to get a fresh cup of coffee. A coffee warmer is the best way to keep a cup or pitcher of brew warm right on their desk top.

5) Cup holder

Sometimes, when in a rush to finish deadlines, your loved one might end up knocking over their mug, so that the coffee spills onto their keyboard or documents. A nifty cup holder can help to keep their mugs and glasses with hot or cold beverages in a steady and safe place.

6) Stainless steel water bottle

It’s important to keep hydrated while working. A stainless-steel water bottle holds and keeps your water cool. With its tight screw on or snap cap, there’s no worry about spillages.

7) Desk lamp

Overhead lighting is not sufficient for providing adequate when WFH. A handy but elegant desk lamp can help provide sufficient and direct light especially when working on a lot of paperwork.

8) Lap desk

Don’t want to see your loved one confined to their desk for eight to nine hours straight? Consider giving them a lap desk. With a lap desk, they can bring their laptops and other documents to any part of the home, including the garden, or even a nearby park so that they can continue working anytime, anywhere.

9) Standing desk or standing desk converter

If your friend has been working all over the house with no specific spot in mind, you might want to give them a standing desk. Obviously, it’s a desk that allows working while standing. Having a standing desk in the home helps your loved one to burn off those calories they are accumulating while working at their regular desk and prevents their developing a sedentary lifestyle. If a standing desk is too expensive for you, an alternative is a standing desk converter which is placed on the regular desk top and adjusted to a person’s standing height.

10) Under desk elliptical and/or cycle

Can your loved one get exercise when they’re stuck at their desks for most of the day? They can with an under-desk elliptical or an under-desk cycle. This equipment enables them to pump their legs under their desks while working.

11) Fitness tracker

Whether your friend is getting exercise the regular way (like walking or jogging) or with home exercise equipment, they can monitor their progress in meeting their fitness goals with a fitness tracker. Wrist devices like FitBit and Garmin measure heart rate, energy expenditure, among other health parameters.

12) Noise Cancelling Headphones

Nothing can be more distracting when WFH than noise, whether it’s the screeching of playing kids or the rumble and roar of vehicles passing outside. A gift of noise cancelling headphones can help drown out distracting noises so that your loved one can concentrate on their work.

13) Wireless charger

WFH, more often than not, requires the use of multiple devices, including smartphones and tablets that would need frequent charging. Wireless chargers enable the charging of your loved one’s devices to ensure that they’re always ready for use.

14) Wireless speakers

The speakers of a laptop or monitor may not offer good sound quality, especially during video conferences. The gift of wireless speakers provides excellent sound for video calls and Zoom meetings. Plus, your favorite songs and podcasts sound better, making for better inspiration while WFH.

15) Web camera

Anyone who has ever used the built-in webcam in their laptops often complain about poor resolution. If your loved one has this problem, you can gift them with a high-quality webcam, which they can connect when needed to their desktop or laptop.

16) Comfy WFH clothes and footwear

Every WFH worker wants to wear comfy clothes while wearing. Unfortunately, pajamas are not advisable, since they are sure to make you fall asleep. Comfy T-shirts, coat/blazer (for those teleconferences), and sweatpants make great WFH gifts. You can also ditch sending heels and clunky office shoes. Your friend will appreciate it more if you give them a pair of comfy slippers.

17) Healthy Snack box

No WFH worker can do without food. So, what better way to keep them happy, hearty, and healthy than by giving them a whole gift box of healthy snacks. Good examples of healthy snacks include dried fruits and nuts, granola, and other healthy grain bars.

18) Positive Wall or Desk Arts

To keep your loved one inspired at work, you can give them wall or desk arts with an inspiring quote and a beautiful image. The quote especially can help to boost motivation, especially if your loved one is prone to depression and loneliness while WFH.

19) Cute little desk plant

Give your friend’s work station a touch of green. Desk plants not only brighten up the work space. They also provide much needed oxygen during those deadline hours.

20) Gift Cards

If you have no idea what WFH item to give to your loved one, then you can’t go wrong with a gift card. Gift cards allow your loved one to choose the specific items they need for WFH. 

Let this list of the Top 20 Work From Home Gift Ideas help you in choosing the best gift to give to your hardworking loved one or friend.

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