Top 20 Stocks Benefiting From The Work From Home Movement

Throughout the globe, the economy continues to take a hit from the COVID-19 pandemic. Even with the current vaccine rollout, the emergence of more contagious forms of the disease, such as the Delta variant, and the quarantine lockdowns imposed to contain its spread have forced many businesses to close while others shifted to a work from home (WFH) or hybrid setup to keep their business running.

While the global stock markets continue to reflect the state of the world economy due to the pandemic, they also revealed that certain companies thrived during these economic shutdowns and have seen doubling or even tripling of investments. Ironically, these companies have already set up products and services which allowed the WFH Movement to flourish, even before the pandemic began.

If you are working from home, consider taking a closer look at the top 20 stocks that are benefiting from the WFH Movement. As a WFH employee, you might want to invest in these companies and see even greater profits especially with WFH fast becoming a permanent aspect of business.

1) Zoom Video Communications

Zoom Video Communications, arguably, is the first and, arguably, the biggest among the WFH stocks that emerged last year, and with good reason. Because of the pandemic lockdowns, over 200 million users have used the company’s video conferencing platform for meetings and other business-related functions, but also for personal purposes as well. It certainly helped that Zoom received a boost from the entertainment industry, with many famous celebrities and other leading Hollywood personalities utilizing the platform to connect with their audiences.

2) Slack Technologies

With the need for constant and more effective communication during lockdown, Slack Technologies addressed this demand with their instant messaging and collaborative software. For paid subscribers, the company also added group calls, unlimited message storage, among other perks.

3) CrowdStrike Holdings 

As more and more businesses are going virtual, there is a greater need for online security. CrowdStrike Holdings is one of the leaders in antivirus protection through their software-as-a-service (SAAS) subscription model. Their proprietary software utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to protect customers from cyberattacks through immediate threat assessment and action, vulnerability management, and improved endpoint security.

4) DocuSign

DocuSign has eliminated the need for face-to-face signing of contracts. Considered the leader in electronic signatures, millions of users worldwide have used the DocuSign’s proprietary software to prepare, manage, and sign contracts anywhere in the world and with the use of any compatible device.

5) Okta, Inc.

Okta, Inc. is the leading identity provider and access management company in the world. With the increasing concern for security, Okta’s software allows for more secure user authentification in website web services, electronic devices, and applications, thus enabling all individuals and businesses to use any technology safely and securely.

6) Twilio Inc.

Twilio Inc. provides cloud-based communication services through its web service APIs, which allows for the sending and receiving of text messages, the making and receiving of voice calls and other communication functions. Not only can a company manage their modes of communication more effectively, but it also allows them to build stronger customer relationships in every aspect of their business.

7) RingCentral, Inc.

Much like Twilio, RingCentral, Inc. is also a global cloud communications provider, offering various collaboration solutions encompassing multiple channels, such as voice, instant messaging, video, and contact center services.

8) Teladoc Health, Inc.

With people kept at home, there was the concern of those who are suffering from illnesses as to how to they can continue to receive medical care in lockdown. Through its secure online platform, Teladoc Health made it possible for patients to seek medical consultation through virtual doctor visits.

9) Chegg

Chegg continues to be at the forefront for online learning globally. Their virtual learning platforms enabled students to continue their education in the comfort of their own homes. The company was further strengthened by its acquisition of the math education mobile app, Mathway.

10) Atlassian Corporation

When it comes to collaboration, service management, and project tracking software for WFH, Atlassian Corporation is arguably the global leader. Accelerating the rollout of free cloud versions of their core products, Jira and Confluence, has given the company a tremendous boost, with many satisfied customers switching from the free to the paid versions.

11) Dropbox

Originally known as one of the leaders in cloud-based storage systems, Dropbox has evolved into a cloud-based collaboration platform, which includes video conferencing and communication capabilities. Because of its partnership with Atlassian, users can now collaborate with greater ease by using Dropbox with either Confluence or Jira.

12) Akamai Technologies

Companies who want smoother network operations turn to Akamai Technologies. A leader in content delivery networks (CDNs), Akamai Technologies secure and balance Internet traffic loads, ensuring smoother and faster network operations. Their Intelligence Edge platform allows customers to increase their network speeds and reliability and extend their cloud architecture.

13) Roku

Even WFH employees need entertainment during lockdown. What better way to stream content from the Internet than through the digital media player, Roku. With theaters closed due to the pandemic, Roku’s video streaming service has enabled viewers from select countries of the globe to view content from popular streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Rakuten TV, and Disney+.

14) Take-Two Interactive Software

Video games have seen a boom during the pandemic lockdown. So it should be no surprise that Take-Two Interactive Software is the gaming leader among the WFH stocks. While the company is already noted for its Grand Theft Auto franchise, Take-Two Interactive Software has received an even greater boost with its partnerships with the NBA and the NFL.

15) Peloton Interactive

Most people would recognize Peloton as a manufacturer of hi-tech exercise bikes. However, with everyone cooped up in their homes and unable to indulge in their favorite physical activities and gym workouts, the company launched Peloton Interactive, the largest interactive fitness platform in the world today. Through, they have made available to their subscribers instructor-led fitness classes and complete access to their library of workout videos. Not only that, their latest exercise bikes and treadmills come with touchscreens that enables them to access these workout videos instantly.

16) Chewy

Quarantine lockdowns has given people the opportunity to get or spend more time with their pets. Chewy meets the retail market for pet supplies, including pet food, toys, treats, medications, and many others. The company has seen great revenues through their subscription-based Autoship program.

17) Microsoft

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Microsoft also made the list of the Top 20 stocks of the WFH Movement. After all many of the WFH tools that we are using, such as Microsoft Teams, Office 365, and Skype, are actually developed by Microsoft. However, what bolstered Microsoft was their cloud computing platform, called Azure, which allowed for greater efficiency and cost-saving among companies that are using the service.


With people stuck at home, many have turned to for their buying needs. The world’s largest e-commerce site, users have been making their purchases from Amazon, ranging from necessities like food and clothing, to other items like books, electronics, and many others. Those who are subscribed to Amazon Prime not only enjoy free shipping, but also access to original video content via their streaming platform.

19) PayPal

Because of the need for contactless payments and other financial transactions, PayPal has seen a rebound as a digital payment processor. Although consumers do complain about their large fees, PayPal remains popular among freelancers, especially when the company was approved as a Paycheck Protection Program lender (which saw PayPal granting more than $1 billion in loans to users).

20) Direxion Work From Home ETF

It is ironic that the last company on our list allows you to purchase and invest in WFH stocks. Indeed, Direxion Work From Home ETF has investments in over 40 WFH stocks, encompassing cybersecurity, cloud computing and storage, remote communications, and online document and project management. The company tracks the progress of WFH stocks via the Solactive Remote Work Index. If you are thinking of earning a profit from WFH stocks, you might want to consider investing in and getting the services of Direxion Work From Home ETF, especially since the company has in their portfolio stocks from leading WFH companies like Zoom, Crowdstrike, Twilio, and cybersecurity firm, Fortinet.

If you are on WFH status and want to earn extra on the side, it is best to invest in WFH stocks at this time. With the COVID-19 pandemic far from over, making investments in WFH stocks now is a wise decision to make, especially with many leading companies worldwide already making long term plans for WFH permanently or as part of a hybrid setup.

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