Top 20 Work From Home Care Package Ideas For Employees

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed companies and businesses worldwide. Employers are now realizing that working from home may be a permanent or part of a hybrid solution in order to keep their businesses running. However, while they may be happy with the increased productivity of their employees resulting from longer working hours with the elimination of the daily commute, employers are aware of the possible feelings of loneliness and demotivation that can develop with the prolonged isolation.

If you are an employer and you want your WFH employees to know that you care and appreciate the work that they do, why not send them a work from home care package? 

Here are the Top 20 Work From Home Care Package ideas that you might want to consider. You can avail of these swag or WFH care packages from companies like, SwagUp, and Caroo. You can also customize your care packages so that you are sure to send them items that they are guaranteed to love and use.

1) Pandemic Safety Kit

While most people don’t want to be reminded of the fact that we’re in the middle of a pandemic, your employees will appreciate your concern over their health and well-being. This care package contains a hand sanitizer, fashionable face masks, and a touch free safety tool. If you happen to have a vaccination campaign in your company, you might want to give them a nice card with your employees’ vaccination schedule on it. Other companies choose to add prepaid accident and health insurance cards good for one year.

2) Snack Box Kit

This is one care package where you can’t go wrong. Suffice to say, the snack box kit is loaded with yummy snacks, candies, chocolates, and other yummy goodies. There are also healthy snack options especially for employees who are mindful of their well being.

3) Coffee Lover Kit

You may have observed how your employees used to head over to the coffee maker in your office to get their cuppa joe. Well, you can still indulge them by sending them the coffee lover kit. Aside from selected packs of tasty coffee blends, this care package may come with a coffee press, mug or tumbler, and a coffee warmer.

4) Home Office Set Up Kit

The home office set up kit helps your employees to create an office atmosphere in their home, thus providing a boundary between their work and personal lives. Items in a home office set up kit can include a desk organizer with scratch pads and Post-It Notes, notebooks, journals, stylish pens, and even a desk lamp.

5) Workstation Set Up Kit

The workstation set up kit may be similar to the above home office set up kit. The difference is that some of the items in this kit are intended to be compatible with the devices that the employee is using. Aside from the items mentioned in the home office set up kit, the workstation set up kit may also add custom blue light eyeglasses and mouse pads.

6) Tech Kit

The tech kit is ideal for employees who utilize a lot of gadgets in their work. While it may contain the same items mentioned in the home office and workstation set up kits, other goodies that may be added to the tech kit include speakers, a powerbank, docking station, and custom charging pads.

7) Productivity Kit

To help your employees to be productive at their work, then the productivity kit is the best care package you can send them. This kit contains noise-cancelling headphones or earbuds, an LED clock or timer (a great item for those who use the Pomodoro Technique to schedule short breaks in between their work), and a Tea Time Set.

8) Home Fitness Kit

Encourage your employees to exercise while WFH with the home fitness kit. Common items included in this kit include a FitBit fitness tracker, resistance band, stainless water bottle, and even a custom yoga or foam mat.

9) WFH Apparel Kit

As your employees work from home, obviously you don’t have to order them to wear the company uniform. Instead, gift them with comfortable WFH apparel. Among the items you can include in this care package are custom T-shirts and polos (with the company logo for those Zoom meetings), custom hoodies, comfortable sweatpants, hat, socks, and backpack.

10) Spa Kit

After a day of work, your WFH employees are sure to enjoy some self-care quality time. The spa kit includes organic facial and body scrubs, sheet masks, neck wraps, and stone face rollers.

11) Relaxation Kit

Sometimes, work can be stressful, so you can gift your employees with a care package that contains items conducive for rest and relaxation. This would include sleeping masks, coloring books and puzzles, lounge robe, and even a handy massager.

12) Mindfulness Kit

If your employee is into meditation, then a mindfulness kit is the ideal care package for them. Among the items that you can find in the mindfulness kit are scented candles, essential oils and an accompanying diffuser, and tea blends (such as chamomile) that can allow you to relax.

13) Cozy & Comfy Kit

You certainly would want your employees to be comfortable while they are working, especially during cold or rainy weather. In this care package, you can find cute beanies and other headgear, a scarf, and even a blanket.

14) Fun with Kids Kit

Have you noticed your employees’ kids sometimes playing in the background while you are having your regular Zoom meetings? Well, you can help your employee to keep them occupied while they work with kiddie WFH care packages. Aside from snacks and chocolates, the fun with kids kit may also contain coloring books with Crayolas or colored pencils, jigsaw puzzles, beach balls, and DIY ice cream kits.

15) Pet Fun Kit

What if your employee doesn’t have kids, but the common cause of their distraction is their beloved pooch or kitty? In this case, you can give them a pet fun care package. Among the items that can be found in this kit are a pet bowl and bottle set, pet T-shirt, pet bandana, leash and harness, and, of course, a bag of their favorite pet food and treats, and a cute toy.

16) Happy Hour Kit

Let your employee end their working week right with the happy hour kit. Now, they can have those TGIF moments right in the comfort of their home. The happy hour kit may contain cocktail blends and garnishes, a bottle of wine or two, and a clear shot glass or beer mug.

17) Streaming Kit

If your employee’s idea of relaxation is bingeing on Netflix, then the streaming kit is the ideal care package for them. Aside from giving them an added month or two on their favorite streaming channel subscription, you can add a comfy blanket, a tumbler or glass for their favorite beverages, and a bag of gourmet popcorn.

18) Inspiration Kit

There are times when you need to keep your employees inspired and motivated at work. You can do this with the inspiration kit. Among the gift items that you can add with this care package are inspirational books, a desk calendar or framed picture with inspirational quotes, journals, and goal-focused worksheets.

19) Green Thumb Kit

The green thumb kit is for those employees who love plants. You will probably remember them as the one who has a small cactus or other potted plant on the table. The green thumb kit may contain two or more potted plants. In some cases, the kit may hold packets of seeds, small pots, and a watering can so that your employee can grow their plants instead.

20) Hope Kit

During these challenging times, your employees need to remain hopeful that things will get better. The main items in hope kits help your employees to relax and de-stress, including custom toiletries, scents for aromatherapy, tea blends, and even a stuffed toy.

Let these home care package ideas guide you into selecting the ideal gifts for your hardworking WFH employees!

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