Best Work From Home Pants For Men

Next to the relieving thought that they don’t have to endure rush hour traffic anymore with a work from home (WFH) arrangement, men are particularly thrilled that they don’t have to wear that stifling office uniform or a suit and tie. Plus, no more additional expensive dry cleaning.

While it may be tempting to wear shorts and pajamas while working from home, you might end up getting too comfortable so that you find yourself drowsing off at your home workstation.

When it comes to WFH, the main goal when it comes to pants for men is casual comfort.

Qualities of the Best WFH Pants

Men are usually active and always on-the-go. For this reason, the best WFH pants should possess the following key characteristics:

1) Comfortable

2) Breathability – Should allow your skin to breathe as well as absorb perspiration

3) Durability

4) Stretchable to allow freedom of movement

5) Resistant to wrinkles, especially since you will be sitting at your desk for long periods of time

The pants materials that best meet these characteristics include spandex, elastane, linen, denim, cotton, and cotton twills. These fabrics are effective in absorbing sweat, thus keeping your body cool. Fashion experts advise wearing pants of cotton twills during Zoom meetings since they add a touch of formality to your attire. While is another fabric that is often recommended as good pants material because of its sweat-wicking properties, because of its thickness, it may not be ideal for warm weather.

Among the commonly used work from home pants are sweatpants, chinos, khakis, and trousers.

Best Work From Home Pants For Men

Let us now take a look at the Best WFH Pants for Men in the market today. You might want to do a Google search for these brands first since they may be out of stock or newer styles have been released.

1) Banana Republic 

The Banana Republic Slim Traveler Pants is one of the most comfortable WFH pants because it is made from stretchable cotton and elastane. It also comes in a variety of sizes and colors that will suit your personal fashion tastes.

2) Bonobos

The Bonobos Off Duty Pants is made from cotton and elastane. Its style is described as a blend between chinos and jogging pants with an elastic waistband, zip fly, button closure, and interior drawcord. While the pants come in XS to XL sizes and lengths of Short, Regular, and Long, Bonobos recommends that men inbetween sizes should choose the appropriate fit for them. For example, if they prefer a looser fit, they need to get a larger size. On the other hand, those who want a slimmer fit need to get a smaller size.

3) Everlane

Part of the Performance Collection, the Everlane Off Duty Pants are also made from cotton and elastane and comes with a four-way stretch. For maximum comfort, the Off Duty Pants have greater room along the hips and thighs.

4) J. Crew

The J. Crew Cotton-Condura Nylon Dock Pants is one of the more durable WFH pants because it is made from cotton, elastane, and Condura nylon (commonly used in raincoats). It also comes with a zip fly and an elastic drawstring waistband.

5) Mango

Mango’s Relaxed Linen Pants are mostly made from linen. The exceptions are the polyester and cotton linings in the pockets. Among the features of the Relaxed Linen Pants are the front zipper and button closure and a drawstring waistband.

6) Rhone 

Rhone Commuter Pants is one WFH pants that you can use for more formal occasions, such as Zoom meetings and other teleconferences. The appearance, cut, and silhouette of the Commuter Pants is very similar to slacks, so that it is a perfect match for blazers. Its patented Flex-Knit fabrics makes it very comfortable to wear.

7) lululemon

At Ease Joggers by lululemon is one of the more popular WFH pants because of its comfortable four-way stretch fabric. Because of its more casual style, it can be used for informal teleconferences. Not surprisingly, because of its stretchable, comfortable quality, you can already head off to your fave gym after WFH in your At Ease Joggers for a good workout.

8) Old Navy

Old Navy’s Built-In Flex Modern Jogger Pants are made from cotton twill and elastane, thus allowing for free and easy movement. These pants also have cuffed hems, an elastic waistband, and adjustable drawstring.

9) Vuori

Although chinos are not traditionally used for lounging around, Vuori’s Everything Chino Pants are an exception because of its lightweight cotton-polyester fabric. It is also tough, roomy, and stretchy so that you can also use these pants for outdoor activities.

10) Patagonia

While Patagonia may have specialized in outdoor pants, they do have a WFH winner with their Twill Traveler Pants. In appearance, these pants look like slacks. However, the special fabric is durable, roomy, breathable, and quick-drying, so that you can use them for WFH and outdoor activities.

11) Roark

Ironically, the Roark Layover Pants were designed for travelers. While at first glance, they don’t look comfortable, on the contrary, the stretchable cotton blended fabric and drawstring waistband make it an excellent addition to your work from home wardrobe. 

12) Faherty

Like the Roark Layover Pants above, the Faherty Brand Traveler Pants were also created with travelers in mind. Made from stretchable lyocell and cotton blend, it is one of the more comfortable pants to wear while WFH.

Best Retailers of WFH Pants

While the above pants brands and designs are our top choices for WFH pants in 2021, you can also find other great WFH pants from the leading retailers listed below. We have also listed the frequently plugged pants that these retailers are selling which you might want to check out:

1) Nordstrom – check out the AllSaints Drawstring Pants

2) REI – check out the Terrebonne Jogger Pants from Patagonia

3) GapCargo Joggers with GapFlex

4) Taylor Stitch – The Camp Pant Wool

5) Mission Workshop – The Markham Slack Pant

6) Tracksmith – Run Commute Pants

7) Todd Snyder – Knit Traveler Suit Trouser

8) Reigning Champ – Slim Sweatpant

9) Marine Layer – Saturday Pant

10) Mack Weldon – Ace Sweatpant

11) Buck Mason – Pima Lounge Pant

These are our top recommendations for WFH pants for men. Please do check out our links to see which styles best meet your fashion tastes.

If you’re looking for other resources on working from home, be sure to check out our Complete Guide To Working From Home to get you started!

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