Best Work From Home (WFH) Jobs For Moms

The economic turmoil caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted people to seek out permanent or additional side jobs to offset their dwindling incomes and savings. For budget-conscious moms, there comes the realization that they can now get work from home (WFH) jobs so that they can still continue caring for their families while earning a living.

If you’re a mom who is seriously considering working from home, here are the best WFH jobs you might want to look into.

1) Customer Service Representative

Median Salary: $37,907 per year

Since the pandemic began, there has been a surge in hires for customer service representatives. Businesses need customer service representatives to handle customer complaints. Representatives have also been in wide demand in the financial and medical sectors. This type of work does not allow for flexible hours though and you need to report on your assigned shift. Thankfully, you don’t need a college degree to apply for this job. All you need to do is respond to customer concerns by phone, email or chat.

2) Data Entry Specialist

Median Salary: $35,833 per year

Data entry specialist is a job that is actually easy to do, as long as you have fast typing skills. This job entails encoding information from physical or handwritten documents into a computer system. Many data entry specialist jobs allow for flexible schedules so that you have enough time to take care of the kids. Like customer service representatives, a high school diploma is the minimum requirement to apply for a data entry specialist position.

3) Transcriptionist

Median Salary: $33,380 per year

As a transcriptionist, it is your job to listen to audio files and type them out onto a computer document word-for-word. While there are transcriptionist jobs in general business, law and insurance, medical transcription is both higher paying and higher in demand because of the need of accuracy in transcribing patient records and cases, including complicated medical terms. While post-secondary education is needed to apply for a transcriptionist position, you can get the proper one-year training and certification via community colleges, vocational schools, and distance-learning programs that offer transcription as a course.

4) Recruiting Coordinator

Median Salary: $45,485

A recruiting coordinator is a great job for those individuals who want to help people find jobs of their own. As a recruiting coordinator, you usually work in coordination with HR departments, who pass on applicant resumes to you. You then perform the necessary background checks, assist in scheduling interviews, as well as the onboarding of new employees.

5) Web Developer

Median Salary: $73,760 per year

A mom who is great with tech can opt to apply for a job of web developer. Most web developer work are project based, so you can choose which projects interest you and which can best highlight your skills. You may need to have an associate degree in web design though depending upon the needs of the project. Even if you don’t have the formal education, you can get the necessary tech certifications by taking online courses.

6) Virtual Assistant

Median Salary: $38,478 per year

A virtual assistant is actually the same as an administrative assistant except that all record keeping, clerical, and correspondence tasks are done on computer. Among the tasks that you need to perform include maintaining and observing calendars and schedules, scheduling travel and meetings, email and social media management, event planning, and research. You have the option to choose to work full-time or part-time.

7) Writer, Proofreader and Editor

Median Salary: $63,200 per year

Freelance writers can be counted upon to write various content, ranging from website articles, blog posts, white papers, research papers, and more. Some writers have also included ghostwriting fiction to their resumes. Some freelancers can command higher salaries if they also offer their services as proofreaders and editors, such as with research papers and when handling original foreign language texts that have been translated into English.

8) Social Media Specialist

Median Salary: $61,550 per year

Because of the continued popularity of social media, it is not surprising therefore that social media specialists are very much in demand these days. The main task of a social media specialist is the creation of content for various social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The goal is to boost awareness of a business’ social media platform, increase its audience, and in the long run, generate sales. Social media specialists need to be updated on current trends, so there is also need for them to do research as well as be knowledgeable about SEO so that content is always up to date and contains the latest keyword searches. Essentially, it is up to the social media specialist to come up with effective strategies to boost audience growth. To be able to apply for this job, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in internet marketing, public relations, or communications.

9) Accounting Clerk

Median Salary: $38,500 per year

All businesses need to keep their financial records clean, clear and updated. For this reason, many business owners choose to hire an accounting clerk online, especially those who are tech savvy in the latest financial software and apps. While bookkeeping is the main task of an accounting clerk, you can also be counted upon to provided virtual support to a company’s accounting department, maintain and keep financial records secure, prepare financial reports, process transactions, and reconcile conflicting bank statements. While a high school diploma is already sufficient to apply for this position, many businesses opt to hire those who have degrees in accounting and have attained their CPA.

10) Social Media/Search Engine Evaluator

Median Salary: $35,471 per year

One job that is gradually increasing in demand is that for a social media/search engine evaluator. Obviously, this job entails evaluating the outputs of searches in search engines. Based on this data, they can determine just how effective a business’ social media content is in generating an audience as well as how relevant current paid ads are. Although this job has no minimum educational requirements, the qualifying assessments for this position are very strict and difficult.

As a mom, you don’t need to spend most of your time just caring for your family when you can help in generating income right in your own home. Check out of if you possess the qualifications and skills to apply for the work from home jobs we have listed here.

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