Top 20 Work From Home Business Ideas You Can Start Today

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen businesses shutting down either temporarily or, worse, permanently. Without a source of income, people were forced to think of ways to earn money in the absence of a regular office job. 

Surprisingly, the pandemic has opened the doors for numerous, lucrative work from home businesses. In fact, many enterprising individuals have found that they can not only continue with their WFH business, but also that they are earning more than when they are still working in-office.

If you are stuck at home and still trying to figure out which WFH business you would like to get into, here are a list of the top 20 WFH home business ideas you can try today. See which of these ideas match your personality and you are sure to enjoy for the long term.

1) Online selling/reselling

Many people have found a second source of income in online selling and reselling. Particularly hot are items for online selling are clothes and beauty products. Before you consider becoming an online seller, you must first look into suppliers who will provide you with the products you are going to sell. You need to guarantee that the products are of good quality and that the supplier can provide the quantity you need, especially if the demand for them is high. Once you have the products, you can start selling on sites like Lazada and Shopee or you can create your own ecommerce website.

2) Dropshipping

Dropshipping is similar to online selling. Here, like in online selling, sellers obtain their goods from a third party (usually a wholesale supplier or distributor). The difference between online selling and dropshipping is that, in the latter, the supplier/distributor entrusts and the marketing and customer service tasks to the seller. Because, as a dropshipper, you will be facing any potential backlash from poor quality products, you need to ensure that the supplier/distributor can consistently guarantee good quality and prompt delivery of products.  

3) Online writing

Online writing continues to be a WFH staple because of the constant demand for new and updated content and the continuous need for marketing, especially in light of emerging businesses resulting from the WFH trend. To be a successful online writer, you not only need to hone your copywriting skills, but you also need to learn SEO in order for your target audience to easily find the content they are searching for.

4) Online accounting/bookkeeping

Every business need someone to make sure that their accounts are in order. Because of this, there is a continuing demand for online accountants and bookkeepers. Thanks to technological advancements in accounting software, online bookkeepers can not only log, check, and cross check sales and expense figures and more; they can also keep this data in secure cloud storage platforms. No need for bulky ledgers. This also makes it easier for tax agencies to check the books.

5) Online tutoring

Because of the pandemic, there were concerns among parents on how their kids can keep up with their education with schools closed. While many schools, colleges and universities have switched to teaching online, there is still the need for more personal instruction especially among students who are having difficulties in certain subjects. If you are well-versed in subjects such as Math and English, you can offer your services as an online tutor.

6) Consultant

If you have been working regularly or as freelancer in a certain field, a great option is to go into a consultancy business for yourself. Whether it’s digital marketing, social media, human resources, or communications, you can start by offering your own services to clients and later grow your business by hiring other consultants. 

7) Virtual assistant

With a growing WFH force, businesses may find it difficult to keep track of and coordinate tasks among their employees and remote workers. Such a job can be taken on by a virtual assistant. After communicating with bosses, virtual assistants can take care of task assignments among employees and ensure their accomplishment. They can also assist employees who encounter difficulties in the projects assigned to them and liaise with their bosses, if need be.

8) Graphic/Web Designer

Part of marketing is a great website design with eye-catching photos. If you happen to be good with Photoshop, WordPress, and other graphic/web designer applications, you can pursue this as a WFH career. With every approved project, make sure that you maintain a portfolio in order for you to expand your client base.

9) Transcription

Transcription is one of the in-demand WFH jobs today. As a simple service, you can expect to transcribe an audio file of a meeting, lecture, webinar, podcast, etc. into a Word Document. For this reason, having a good ear and fast typing skills are a must for this job. The more lucrative form of transcription service is medical transcription. Here, you transcribe patients’ records and doctors’ notes and similar medical files. What makes this job challenging is the use of medical terms which can be difficult to understand, especially for those who are unfamiliar with diseases and other related words.

10) Translation

Some expanding businesses would want their existing content written in the language of the location where they would branch off to. Other individuals would want their works of foreign language fiction translated into English. If you are multilingual, you can work as an online translator. However, if you are planning to offer your services via a translation service website, you need to undergo a skills test in order to test your fluency in the specific languages you will be translating. 

11) Digital marketing

If you decide to go into digital marketing, you need to have the technical know-how for web development, social media management, SEO, and content marketing. It is not enough that you build a website for your client. You need to update its content frequently as well as respond to messages and feedback from customers. Because strategizing to attract your client’s target clientele is a must, you need to be aware of the current digital marketing trends and apply them to your marketing plans.

12) Online Agent (Customer Service, Real Estate, Insurance, Travel Consultant, etc.)

There are many types of online agents, but each and everyone of them deals with customer relations and service. If you want to be an online agent, you need to be well-versed in your product. For example, as an online insurance agent, you should know the plans that are available in the insurance company you work for, so you can pitch the best and more affordable plans for your prospect. As a real estate agent, you should have a portfolio of houses, condos, etc. that you are selling. Travel consultants, on the other hand, not only offer tour packages, but also ensure that their clients get the best accommodations. Of course, customer service agents answer any queries from customers as well as respond to complaints.

13) App developer

Are you well-versed in the latest technologies and continue to be updated? Then you might want to consider becoming an app developer. Because of the popularity and convenience of smartphones, businesses are looking for developers that would help them to create apps to not only help them reach more customers, but also to assist in streamlining their business processes, such as processing and distribution.

14) Professional organizer

Professional organizer is a relatively new career, but many in this profession can attest to its rewards, both in terms of income and positivity. As a professional organizer, it is your job to clear out the clutter in your clients’ lives. This would entail having your client send photos of their home or office and you will offer recommendations on which items to throw out and which are to be rearranged to maximize space and beautify these areas.

15) Home care service

For those who truly care for people, you might want to consider a career in home service, especially for the elderly. You don’t need to possess the health care skills of a professional caregiver. Instead, you can assist them by running errands for them and doing repairs around their house. Because of the pandemic risk though, make sure that you follow health protocols, in particular the wearing of face masks.

16) Gardening service

One WFH business which you might find relaxing is a gardening service. This not only includes mowing lawns. You also help in maintaining the beauty of people’s gardens with frequent watering, regular pruning, and the planting of new flowers and other plants. If you have an eye for landscaping, you can help transform your clients’ backyards and other outdoor areas into beautiful gardens and other landscapes. 

17) Food truck or outdoor food stall

If there’s anything that people miss due to the pandemic is that they are no longer able to go to their favorite restos and other eateries for yummy food. While many restaurants have closed, some have opted to put their menus online so that people can order their fave dishes and have them delivered straight to their home. If you have a talent for cooking, you can consider bringing the food straight to your customers via a food truck or an outdoor food stall.

18) Pet sitting

Pet sitting and pet walking has become a good business for those who are both WFH and are animal lovers. And it’s actually quite fun too! For an hour or two, you get to feed, walk, and play with your clients’ pets. Many pet owners will even allow you to bring your laptop so you could study or do a side business while their pets are snoozing.

19) Arts and crafts business

Do you draw? Do you love to make homemade jewelry? If you are very creative, you can open your very own arts and crafts business. Just check out Etsy and Patreon and you will find talented craftspeople selling their creations. You might want to offer your services drawing fanarts, designing T-shirts, clothing and shoes, and selling custom-made jewelry.

20) Rideshare/courier drivers

Don’t let your car rust away in your garage. Why not go into a rideshare or courier business? You can consider joining rideshare companies like Uber, Lyft, and Grab. Grab now also offers food delivery services. If you know online sellers in your area, you might want to offer your services as a courier to deliver their products to customers in nearby areas.

These are the top 20 WFH business ideas you can start today. See which idea most appeals to you and which caters to your interests. The more you love your WFH business, the greater are the chances that you can see it succeed.

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