18 Freelance Business Ideas For Beginners With No Experience

Any individual who aspires to having their own business has two major concerns: first is how can they start a business if they are beginners and have no experience and, second, if they have no capital or funding.

Now if what you have in mind is creating a freelance business, then you’re in luck. You can start a freelance business without capital. Most freelance platforms have a free tier which you can switch to a paying tier once you start earning. Many freelance businesses don’t require experience, with some clients even willing to teach and train freelancers in the first couple of weeks of working for them.

If you still haven’t figured out what type of freelance business you would like to get into, we have listed below 18 great options that are great for beginners and the inexperienced.

Content writer

Content writers continue to be in demand, and this is one of the freelance jobs that you can get into without experience. The job entails writing informative and compelling articles for the client/s’ webpage or blog. These articles are intended to showcase the uniqueness of the client’s products, services, and expertise in their chosen industry as against their competitors.


Copywriters have marketing and advertising in mind. It is their job to write appealing copy that will attract customers to purchase and avail of their client’s products and services. Much of the copy that copywriters do are posted as advertisements, marketing materials, white papers, etc. Copywriters need to have knowledge of SEO so that they will be able to include vital keywords that are immediately found by popular search engines.

Virtual Assistant (VA)

The virtual assistant functions as an administrative specialist for their client/s. Their tasks are similar to in-office assistants except that, obviously, VAs work remotely in their homes. Among the tasks that Vas do include scheduling appointments, coordinating with team members on a project, making phone calls, managing email accounts, and making travel arrangements.


Another in-demand freelance business idea, transcriptionists are tasked with transcribing audio and video recordings to digital word documents word-for-word. These files can range from phone calls, podcasts, and Zoom meetings to in-office business meetings and interviews. Medical, engineering, and scientific transcriptionists are particularly in great demand because of their skill at transcribing recordings which contain highly specialized and complicated language.


Proofreaders are tasked to check word documents for errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc. In addition, they ensure that the formatting of the document appears as it should. This would include checking that headlines and subheadings are in bold. They also check if words or sentences are duplicated or omitted.


If you have been teaching your kids during the pandemic, you may decide to become an online teacher. You can teach about anything, but it is important to focus on subjects that you are knowledgeable about. The most in-demand teaching job is as an ESL teacher (“English as Second Language”). It is your job to teach English to students who are not native speakers. You can also teach other difficult subjects such as Mathematics and Science.


Online tutors help students who are having difficulties in certain subjects in their regular schools. As a tutor, you will need to get a copy of the student’s syllabus or curriculum and assist them in the specific topics that they are struggling with. In some cases, tutors may also be asked to teach subject matters in advance to help the student get ahead in class.


Every business needs a bookkeeper to keep track of their financial transactions. It is not surprising, therefore, that online bookkeepers are also in high demand. Bookkeepers help clients in the preparation of their accounts, writing of invoices, documenting the money they spend and earn, and monitoring of tax payments.

Social media manager

Social media managers are responsible for the social media accounts of their clients. They are in charge of monitoring the company’s interactions with the public. Aside from ensuring that fresh content is posted on a regular basis, they analyze the reactions of people toward them. Based on this data, they adjust their content strategies and digital campaigns accordingly.

Graphic designer

One of the most in demand freelance businesses today is graphic design. It is the job of the graphic designer to come up with illustrations, logos, layouts, and photos that will highlight the client’s company, products, and services. Together with a copywriter, the graphic designer creates graphic images that are both visually appealing and memorable to consumers.

Photographer / Videographer

If there is one thing that can be said about the digital age, it is highly visual. For this reason, the demand for photographers and videographers will never die down. Freelancers can sell both their photographs and videos to stock photography sites such as Shutterstock and Getty Images. They can also be hired by companies to provide photos and videos for their promotional materials and commercials.

Video editor

It is not enough to film a video; it needs to undergo editing to make it viewable. This is the job of the video editor. They take raw footage and splice them to form a cohesive, continuous, and coherent film. Video editing also involves “cleaning up” so that there are no glitches or sound distortions, as well as inserting additional dialogue, sound effects, music, special effects, and credits.

Basic website developer

If you thought that website development is a highly technical and complex job, some clients have minimum requirements which can be handled by a basic website developer. A freelance basic website developer with no experience can create a simple website that looks good and is user friendly. In most cases, these freelancers first create the barebones of the website before they are passed on to more advanced web developers for more intensive work.

Data entry clerk

One of the simplest freelance jobs, data entry clerks encode data from paper or hard copies to computer files or database systems. This procedure is usually done manually, by typing on a computer, or with the use of scanners. The job often entails knowledge of basic applications, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Online marketing

As an online marketer, they are responsible for the development, planning, implementation, and management of marketing campaigns. These campaigns are geared toward increasing the consumers’ awareness of the client’s brand. It is also the function of the online marketer to drive traffic through the company website and generate leads.

Market researcher

Companies hire the services of market researchers to learn more about their customers and the trends in their respective industries. These market researchers gather data about the needs of customers, current sales trends, and actions of competitors in order to come up with future marketing strategies.


Consultants can be found in a wide variety of fields, including finance, management, public relations, human resources, just to name a few. They are needed for their knowledge and expertise in helping businesses solve existing problems and achieve their goals.

Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives are at the frontline of companies that wish to ensure that their products and services meet customer needs and expectations. Aside from providing assistance during customer inquiries and complaints, they can also serve as marketers in that they provide information about products/services, accept orders, and process returns and refunds.

Freelancers should not be worried about starting out without experience. These 18 freelance business ideas for beginners can help you to choose the business that is right for you. It is true that you have to start somewhere, but with time, you ultimately gain that much needed experience to establish you as a professional in your field.

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