Here’s The Work From Home Starter Kit You Need

If you are reading this article, chances are you may have already received the news from your boss or manager: that starting today, you will be working from home. 

Being on WFH status obviously has its perks. For one, you don’t have to endure that long commute to the office through heavy traffic. If you have been stressed out by demanding bosses and difficult co-workers, you can now work in peace in the comfort of your home. Of course, you no longer have to worry about the kids. No more day care or nannies to hire, which means less expenses.

But then, as you begin working from home, you also have to think about the things that you will need to allow you to work efficiently and productively at home.

Well, you need wonder no more! Here’s the Work From Home Starter Kit with all the essentials for WFH. 

Basic WFH Starter Kit

The basic WFH starter kit contains the devices, software, and apps that you have been regularly using the office. This basic kit are the essential items you will need for working from home, whether it’s a temporary situation, part of a hybrid setup, or as a permanent working condition.

These items include the following:

  • Computer – You have the option to choose between a desktop or a laptop. A laptop may be the better choice though if you will be asked to go to the office on certain days of the week.
  • Good internet connection – Inquire with your bosses on the ideal internet connection for WFH so that you can easily connect with the company. If you have family members who will be sharing your internet connection, get a plan with faster speeds, but secure connections.
  • Keyboard – There are many keyboard options to choose from, including wireless and Bluetooth keyboards and, if you are prone to carpal tunnel syndrome, ergonomic keyboards.
  • Mouse – You can choose between a wired or wireless mouse. Many find the small wireless mouse difficult to handle. So you can choose a mouse that fits your hand perfectly. Similarly, you can purchase a mouse that can be reprogrammed especially if you are lefthanded.
  • Headphone or headset – Noise-cancelling wired or wireless headphones enable you to work in silence and with minimal distractions due to noise.
  • Docking station or USB hub – This is necessary if you are planning to store files in flash drives and other external devices.
  • Cables or additional chargers
  • Required software – Your company may require you to have software and other applications needed for work. Examples of these include Microsoft Office 365, a password manager, Adobe Creative Suite, Kaspersky Internet Security (or the security software of choice by your company), scanner apps, and VPN software.
  • Smartphone/Tablet – Aside from your computer, you need to have a smartphone or tablet to receive text messages and calls from your boss or manager. You can also use your smartphone/tablet to access files immediately especially if you are not working at your computer at that moment.

Full Time WFH Kit

Now, what will you need if your company requires you to work from home full time and permanently? In this case, you may need to make major changes in your home so that an available space or room can be converted into a full working office.

Aside from the basic WFH essentials listed above, here are other items you will need for full time working from home status:

  • Office desk – Obviously, this is the most important furnishing that you will need when WFH. While it is sufficient to get a sturdy office desk with many lockable drawers for keeping files and office supplies, you may want to consider getting a desk with height adjustability. Such desks can be converted to standing desks, so that you can alternately work while sitting or standing for better health.
  • Ergonomic chair – You need a good ergonomic chair to match your office desk. The armrests should be at the same height as our office desk, so that you don’t strain your hands and wrists. Consider getting a chair with a headrest and which will allow you to tilt backwards if you want to rest a bit. Even if the seat cushion is comfy on your butt, you should add a smaller lumbar support cushion or pillow to support your lower back while sitting for long hours.
  • Desk lamp – Overhead lighting is not sufficient for office work and may result in eyestrain. A desk lamp provides extra lighting when you are going through paperwork or writing. It should be mentioned that desk lamps also provide good lighting during your video conferences.
  • Standalone webcam – More often than not, the built-in webcam in your laptop can be very difficult to position during video meetings. In addition, the resolution may not be good so that you don’t appear clearly on the screen. For picture perfect clarity during video conferences, it is best to use a standalone webcam.
  • Extra monitor – If you are dealing with multiple tasks at a time, having an extra monitor can be very helpful. Add a monitor arm to your purchase. This device can help to adjust the position of your monitor so that you are not craning your neck to view the screen.
  • Laptop stand with fan – Laptop stands elevate and position your laptop so that don’t hunch over the keyboard. This way, you maintain perfect posture and reduce neck and shoulder strain. 

Miscellaneous WFH Items

While we have outlined above the important WFH items that you will need, there are certain miscellaneous items that you can consider purchasing to make your WFH life more comfortable for you:

  • Coffee maker – If you will be working for long hours at your desk and don’t want to go to the kitchen for that cup of java, you can add a small coffee maker.
  • Foam mat – For those who are mindful of their health, a foam mat allows you to stretch, exercise, meditate, and do yoga during your breaks. 
If you’re looking for other resources on working from home, be sure to check out our Complete Guide To Working From Home to get you started!
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